Steps after installing plugin booking plugin bookly to wordpress site

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There are several great booking plugins we choose to use bookly primarily due to costs.   I prefer paying a onetime fee than monthly subscriptions.  First purchase and install bookly.  Note this is made for version 15.1 and maybe updated.

Customize Bookly Appearance

Bookly has a detailed documentation allowing you to customize your settings easily.  The steps we used are

  1. Add staff
Bookly Backend Staff

2. Add Service

Add Service in bookly

3. Remove Price from staff name.  

Unselect option circled in the Bookly -> Appearance section.

4. Remove Payment Option from the form.

Remove Payments option

Setup Emails

Are your clients receiving your emails?  A common problem is all the emails go to spam folder. Download, install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin from the WordPress repository.

wp plugin install wp-mail-smpt  --activate

In the email template section, adjust the templates as you see fit, then click test email.  Generate a test email address at mail tester. Then test your score.  This will give you some hints on some settings adjust.  


With the Gutenberg plugin, you will need to add the short code  – there are a few variations you can use but this is one be have.  

[bookly-form hide="categories" bookly-form hide="categories"]

Improve Pagespeed

After you install a plugin it is best to see how that affects your page speed.  Lighthouse is google’s opensource testing system.  When Bookly is activated it.

Bookly adds 600 ms of load time to all pages according to google lighthouse

By using the gist here and adding it to your functions you complete remove the styles and scripts.

Setup Cron Job with server pilot

crontab -lcrontab -e#Append@hourly wget -q -O -

Setup Google Analytic Goal on bookly completion.  

Goto the Appearance and done step.  Then append the script, adjusting the parameters to your goal

<script>ga('send', 'event', { eventCategory: 'contact', eventAction:'appointmentbooked'});</script>

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